My mission is to help your business grow.

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I am your Microsoft Excel, data analyst and data visualization specialist. I have over 4 years’ experience working with Microsoft Excel. I am seeking opportunities to automate tedious and complex Excel processes, so that you and your business can be more productive.

Whether the objective is to reduce the time it takes you to generate frequent reports, better communicate metrics and goals, summarize data into an easy-to-read format, or to be used in presentations, I have the high-level skill set to plan, develop, and execute the spreadsheet your business has been missing to improve your business intelligence.

I particularly specialize in:
➤ Advanced spreadsheet formulas and functions.
➤ Excel Data analysis
➤ Data visualization with Excel Charts and Graphs.
➤ Pivot Charts including all charts with slicers and trendlines.
➤ Formatting
➤ Advanced conditional formatting.
➤ Reports and Presentations.
➤ Processing, manipulating, and analyzing large sets of data.
➤ Dynamic excel dashboard.
➤ VBA, VBA add-ins and Macros
➤ Power Query and data entry forms.

With the latest version of Office 365, I specialize in creating simple solutions to complex problems, make it faster, easy to understand, and easy to modify if needed.

I enjoy collaborating with clients to figure out what may or may not work best for them and helping them achieve what they never though they could achieve.

I pride myself in providing the highest quality of work and will never complete a project until the client is 100% satisfied. I look forward to getting to know you better and hope we get the chance to work together on future projects! Thanks!

When you hire me, here’s what we will do;

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  2. Immediately everything is accepted, we will communicate through email or phone call and get into details to discuss the success of your project.

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