My mission is to help your business grow.

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Hey, I’m Sheriffdeen, I’ve being using Microsoft Excel since University days (3+ years), helping my fellow College mate in data analysis to defend their final year project. This encouraged me to create this amazing blog and a YouTube channel that help people to solve their day to day challenges in Microsoft Excel.

I specialize in Microsoft Excel and Power BI to help my clients solve their problems, achieve success, generate revenue and make their day to day activities easy and stress free.

Do you need to organize, automate or visually analyze your data in Microsoft Excel?

With Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions, PivotTables, Pivot Charts and Slicers, I will streamline how you handle your data and create dashboard to help you measure performance.

If you need to uncover new insights and answer important questions about your data, with my PivotTable skills, you get:

✔Powerful: be rest assured you’ll get efficient data analysis

✔Beautiful: with custom styles and conditional formatting, to bring your Pivots to life.

✔Fast: create new and super-fast calculated fields in seconds.

✔Accurate: automated calculations to minimize human error.

✔Flexible: to create layouts, dynamic views and reports that is adjustable with a click of a button just for you.

Have you heard of the 10-seconds rule? With 20+ Excel Charts and Graph for data visualization to help you make the best business decisions, you get:

✔Clarity and simplicity of your data with Excel Charts and Graph to add value to your work and organization.

✔Charts and Graphs that tell a story about your data, communicate key insights clearly, quickly and powerfully.

✔A beautiful and functional design.

I enjoy collaborating with clients to figure out what may or may not work best for them and helping them achieve what they never though they could achieve.

When you hire me, here’s what we will do;

  1. First, click here to invite me to your job.
  2. Immediately everything is accepted, we will communicate through email or phone call and get into details to discuss the success of your project.

So, that sounds good right, click the “here” and we can start!