Repeating rows and columns titles.

Repeating rows and columns titles is useful when you have a worksheet to submit across multiple departments in your organization.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to insert a page break in a single worksheet and the easiest way of repeating rows and columns titles.

You could also do the same across multiple worksheets in Excel.

Repeating rows and column titles

The worksheet displayed above is sorted by departments, let’s say, you need a print out of each department in separate pages.

Therefore, you will need to insert a page break and the fast method of repeating rows and column titles in excel. In this scenario, we want to repeat row 1-4.

Excel insert a page break

Select the cell you want to insert a Page Break.

Go to the Page Layout tab on the excel ribbon under the Page Setup-Breaks-Insert Page Break.

There it is, you’ll notice a straight line in the cell you selected to insert a page break.

Keep selecting the cells you wish to insert a page break and use the shortcut below to repeat your last action.

  • F4: Repeat last action

Another scenario is repeating rows or column titles.

Click the Print Titles option in the Page Setup, a dialogue box pops up, select the rows or columns you wish to repeat across the page breaks you’ve created.

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Repeating rows and column titles

Rows $1:$4 is selected and you will notice it’s a fixed reference, meaning it won’t shift left or right, up or down. Click OK.

The rows titles will be repeated across your page breaks in your print preview.

  • Control (Ctrl) + P: Print Preview

Watch this few minute’s video explanation. Thanks, sharing is caring.