Excel Styles

Ability to use Excel Styles is a great skill you should consider in your worksheet. Styles in Excel could be a great time saver.

Styles is like a basket of formatting which you can use and apply wherever you need. Styles can contain colors, fonts, backgrounds, numbers formatting and more.

The main idea of using styles is that, you can keep your formatting separate from your content.

This allows your formatting to be easy to apply, faster and is a lot more consistent. You don’t have to worry about different color or fonts been applied in different places.

I will show you how to create your own styles also very soon, read along.


Let’s take a look at the Styles already built-in in Excel, that you can use.

Excel Styles

In the Home tab, on the Ribbon bar under the Styles section, click the down arrow to view different built-in Excel styles.

If you take a look at the worksheet below, you will notice it is sorted by department.

Let’s apply styles to make a particular department to stand out and eye catching.

Applying Excel styles

Select a particular department, for example, Graphics department.

How to use Excel Styles

Then go to the Home tab, Styles section and click on Cell Styles. Below is a list of various styles to apply on your worksheet.

Click on a preferred choice and excel applies it automatically on your worksheet.

Accent3 Excel Styles

In this example below, I applied Accent3 on my worksheet and below is the result.

Excel themes is also a great time saver, do check it out.

Applied excel styles

Numbers can be formatted in excel using styles. The wage column containing numbers can be formatted easily and fast.

Make sure to select the Wage column containing numbers, under the Styles section, click on Currency under Number Format.

Number format with excel styles

You can also modify an create your own styles in Excel to be applied on your worksheet.

On an already applied style in the Style section on the Ribbon bar right click and select Modify in the dialogue box the pops up.

How to modify excel styles

So, if you are okay using the built-in styles in Excel, then that’s cool.  But what if you want to create your own Custom Styles.


Above is a visual explanation. Check out Microsoft support 

Download File: custom styles

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