Find and Replace data

Knowing how to find and replace data in excel is essential when you have a large data.

This worksheet below is sorted by Name, what if, you want to find everyone in a particular state under the State column.

Find and Replace.


On the Ribbon Bar, click on Home tab, under Editing group, click Find and Select.

Find and Replace data.

Shortcut for that:

  • Control (Ctrl) + F: Find
  • Control (Ctrl) + h: Replace

How to find data in Excel

Find and Replace dialogue box pops up.

Find: this allows you to Find whatever text or numeric value you input after clicking, Find Next or Find All.

Replace: this allows you to find and immediately replace a text or numeric value in your worksheet with a single click.

Replace data in Excel

Excel returns three cells for the Find criteria and you can click the links below the dialogue box to jump straight to where the cell is on your worksheet.

HR to Human resource search in excel

It’s easy to replace data in Excel with just a single search and click, type what you want to find in the Find what (HR) box and Replace with (Human Resources), then click Replace All.

learn to convert Excel to PDF.

How to Replace data in Excel.

I’m sure you will agree with me that the Find and Replace is a pretty good handy feature in Excel.

Excel File: find and replace

Above is a visual explanation. Thanks, sharing is caring.