Freeze panes

When you are working with big data, it’s is a good practice to freeze headers or columns, using excel freeze panes option.

This allows them to remain visible as you scroll through your data. In this lesson, we will look at how to freeze panes in excel.

Freeze panes

Above is a large table with a header row in row 4, if you scroll down through the data, the header row also scrolls off, that’s why you might need to freeze the row or column in some cases.

The freeze panes option is available in the View tab on the Ribbon bar. You have three different options when using the freeze panes in excel.

How to freeze panes

If you want to freeze the top row of your worksheet, select a cell below the row you want to freeze and select Freeze Top Row from the options. The row will be locked and remain visible as you scroll down through your worksheet.

Make sure to Unfreeze Pane from same menu, so, as to be able to freeze columns.

When you need to freeze the first column, select Freeze First Column from same menu. The first column will remain visible as you scroll to the right.

To unfreeze the first column, select Unfreeze Panes from same menu.

But you can also freeze both rows and columns at the same time, watch the video below.

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The freeze Panes option is useful especially when you have a very large worksheet.

Note that freezing panes has no effect on printing. It only affects the view of your worksheet on the screen. Thanks, sharing is caring.