Inserting and Customizing charts

Inserting and customizing charts in Excel all takes place under the Charts section when you click the Insert menu on the Ribbon bar.

There are two options for inserting charts on your worksheet. The first, with any cell selected in the data range you could select any chart type and insert it.

But the ideal way, is to select your metrics, the data you want to plot against each other before inserting a chart type.

Inserting Charts in Excel

In this scenario, we want to plot three different metrics from our data table shown below. Use the control key to highlight the metrics you want to plot against each other.

Plotting charts in Excel

Go to the Insert menu and choose Clustered column from the charts option. Here is a preview of the chart below.

Clustered column chart

So, once you have a chart inserted you will see, a kind of top-level tab appear called Chart tools and within chart tools you have Design and Format option, it comes in handy when you need to quickly insert and customize charts in Excel

Design options is like the architecture of your chart. How it is built, what features do you want to show? Do you want data labels, access titles, chart titles, legends and trend lines.

Format is for the look and feel, do you want fill options or outline options or shape effects built in along with your chart.

Inserting and customizing charts

Chart Element is the most important option in the design tab, because it allows you to insert or delete or modify any particular element of the chart.

The Chart tools option is a great place to format you chart to your satisfaction, but it’s not so great like Right clicking on any part of your chart and selecting the Format option.

Inserting and customizing charts in Excel

Here is the end product of using the Format option for inserting and customizing charts. Thanks, sharing is caring.

Excel file: Become_a_Data_viz_expert