Inserting Pictures, Shapes and SmartArt in Excel

Inserting pictures, shapes and SmartArt in Excel is pretty easy. Excel gives you five types of pictures and illustrations that you could use in Excel.

1.Excel allows you to insert pictures of your choice, your own images taken with a camera and so on.

  1. You can add clip art to your Excel worksheet and clip art is built-in, it comes with Microsoft Office. It allows you to search for images, videos and drawings.
  2. Shapes that you draw yourself can be inserted into Excel, like circles, arrows and many more.
  3. SmartArt are professionally created diagrams that you can insert yourself, you can modify them in many different ways and still keep them interactive on your worksheet.
  4. Screenshot is a portion of your screen that you’ve captured and can be inserted into your Excel worksheet.

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Click the Insert tab on the ribbon bar and choose Pictures.

Inserting pictures in Excel

Make sure to select your preferred picture on your computer and click INSERT to drop it in your Excel worksheet.

How to insert pictures in Excel

Format tab allows to format the look of your picture, you can Remove Background, change the Color to a different color entirely and also use Artistic Effect. You can re-size your picture using the dots around it.


Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon bar and choose Shapes.

Inserting Shapes in Excel

Select any shape of your choice and Excel inserts it for you, in my case I like to choose a triangle.

  • Alt + click+ and drag: snap shape to grid lines.

Formatting shapes in Excel

The shape with the TRAVEL EXPENSES was created with the TRIANGLE shape.

Watch the video below to know the tips and tricks.


SmartArt lets you insert professionally made diagram in to your Excel spreadsheet and to enhance the quality of your worksheet, you can also customize them to your preference.

Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon bar and click SmartArt.

Inserting SmartArt in Excel

On the left of the Choose a SmartArt Graphic that pops up, you’ll notice different category you can choose from.

Let’s just choose the List option to represent our perfume product according to sales from the months.

Modifying SmartArt

Formatting your SmartArt is possible through the Design and Format tab, you can change Colors and also change SmartArt Styles.

The Text Pane allows you to the text to be displayed on the SmartArt. Use the Tab key on your keyboard to allow subhead text under your SmartArt.

 SmartArt makes your worksheet more of a presentation rather than cells full on numbers and also you can present that to your boss, his surely going to like it.

Download file for practice:Pictures, Shapes and SmartArt in Excel

Here is a visual explanation. Thanks, sharing is caring.