Excel Themes

When you have a rough worksheet that needs quick formatting, excel themes is your best option.

Excel themes gives your worksheet both uniformity and consistency.

But, lets learn how to quickly format a rough worksheet and insert a table on a range of cells.


Format as a table option in Excel.

Here is a rough worksheet, that needs quick formatting, you can Format as Table.

Click any cell around the data area, then in the Home tab, under styles section, click Format as a table.

Format as a table

Format as a Table dialogue box

Format as a Table dialogue box pops up, here you can define where is the data for your table? Make sure to tick the box My table has headers and click OK.

Excel sheet formatted as a table

Above is a rough worksheet formatted as a table, to get rid of those drop down menu and make your table smart.

Click Convert to Range, in the Design tab under table tool.

Convert to Range


Excel themes

To maintain uniformity and consistency in your Excel worksheet, your best bet in Themes.

Go to Page Layout on the Ribbon Bar, select Themes.

Applying themes in Excel

Learn how to insert SmartArt and shapes in Excel

Excel Themes option

Simply select a Theme of your choice and Excel applies it immediately on your worksheet.

Applied Excel Themes

Colors, fonts and effects in excel Themes.

The colors, Fonts and Effect tabs, allows you to change and modify the colors of your worksheet, you can also change the fonts and add effects.

Download file: Themes

Watch the video below to know the tips and tricks of changing colors and fonts, you can also save a particular Theme and use across your worksheet.

Excel Themes gives your worksheet consistency and uniformity and you can use them across your worksheet.